SAW V 13.5"x20" "A" Promotional Movie Poster Signed by Costas Mandylor COA

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Saw 5 13.5"x20" single sided promotional movie poster, hand signed by Costas Mandylor in red.

Obtained during a private signing with Costas Mandylor in October 2015. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Kool Toys & Games with serialized hologram, matching hologram which will be placed on the back of the poster, and a collage of photographs from the signing. 

The photo above is just one of many posters that were signed. The signature on the poster you receive may differ in size, location and position

Will be shipped rolled.

Saw is an American horror franchise that consists of eight feature films and additional media. The franchise revolves around John Kramer, also called the "Jigsaw Killer" or simply "Jigsaw", played by Tobin Bell. He was introduced briefly in Saw and developed in more detail in Saw II. Rather than killing his victims outright, Jigsaw traps them in situations that he calls "tests" or "games" to test their will to live through physical or psychological torture. Despite the fact that John was murdered in Saw III, the films continue to focus on the posthumous influence of the Jigsaw Killer and his apprentices by exploring his character via flashbacks.

Costas Mandylor played Detective Hoffman in the SAW III-VII.