If McGregor Wins vs Mayweather Weigh-In Topps Now MM2 Trading Card LE/461

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If Conor McGregor Wins vs Floyd Mayweather You Win vs Weigh-In Topps Now MM2 Trading Card LE/461

This card was only available for purchase through Topps for only very limited time. This card had a very limited print run of only 461.  

The card is in mint condition - exactly as it was received. It will be shipped in a protective case.

*Topps entitled this card "If McGregor Wins, You Win" - If McGregor won, customer who purchased this card would have received a bonus card. However, since Floyd Mayweather won their epic August 26th fight, Topps gave a bonus card to customers who purchased that card instead.  You can purchase that card (MMB1), and all the other cards from this set in our store. 

From Topps: Topps NOW™ celebrates the most anticipated fight of the year! Mayweather vs McGregor Topps NOW™ pre-fight cards are available until Saturday, 9pm EST before the big fight.